XTM Connect – Figma Figma Plugin

Figma and XTM Cloud – Picture Perfect

Figma’s design features bring ideas to life and make content sing.

XTM Cloud’s translation technology keeps the voices in tune for any audience.

With Figma and XTM Cloud, you can go where your imagination takes you.

  • Synchronise between Figma and XTM Cloud and start translating design content from the moment of creation
  • Give linguists visual context so they can tailor messages to multilingual audiences
  • Make an image and a brand equally appealing and resonant in Berlin, Beijing and Buenos Aires

Intelligent Automation For Design Content

  • Transfer of content from Figma to XTM Cloud is instantaneous
  • XTM Cloud transcreation delivers creativity and a range of alternative translations to choose from
  • Multilingual content is returned to Figma at the click of a button

You’re The Voice

  • Project managers, linguists and designers all have valuable opinions to share
  • XTM Connect – Figma unites each team members – and each voice – in pursuit of excellence
  • No thread is lost, no question left unanswered

Get It Fast And Get It Right

  • Linguists work on content while designers are working on images
  • Designers have instant visibility of translated content and how it will appear in context
  • Talented people working more quickly, working more productively and working together

What’s Your 2020s Vision?

  • Share it with confidence
  • Share it with persuasiveness
  • Share it with the world

These customers trust us, and so can you

GAP, Swiss Post, Kyocera, Crown, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Expedia Group, BigPoint, RICOH

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