Typescale Figma Plugin

Quickly generate a simple typescale/modular scale.

This is an very early version.

# What is a modular scale?

A modular scale in Typography is used to generate a visual rhythm in font sizes. This plugin helps to generate those sizes. Starting with a base-value, font-size increments and decrements from that size with a multiplier you set.

# What can I do here?

This plugin lets you generate a modular scale. At this stage it’s fairly basic. Functions as you also could know them from websites about this topic.

1. Set a base-size

2. Set a multiplier

3. Set how many sizes you want above and below the base-size

4. Decide to round or not to round values. An addition many alternatives currently miss.

5. Any ideas? I’m planning to extend this plugin


Redesigned Interface & Start with a custom style

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