Theme Switcher Figma Plugin

Are you looking for a plugin that lets you quickly switch between multi-branded style sheets, improves your workflow, and reduces work-time by 25%? Then look no further and install Theme Switcher today.

πŸ”€ Switch between multiple style sets in three clicks

πŸ” Sync from Local Style in a single click

βœ… Single click Color Theme application

🚫 No need to login to separate platform to manage styles

How does it work? πŸ€”

Create a new Figma file and create local styles within the file using β€œ+” to add new colour styles.

Name your style using one of the example naming conventions mentioned below:

Option 1

β–ͺ️ First, setup Default (brand) Ex: Primary-1, Primary-2, Primary-3…, Text, Feedback.

β–ͺ️ Then, set up other brands Ex: Brand2/Primary-1, Brand2/Primary-2, Brand2/Secondary-1, Brand2/Text

*if there is only one colour style, you don’t need to add – number ex: Brands/Feedback

Option 2

β–ͺ️ First, setup Default (brand) Ex: Default (Brand or Theme name)/ Primary-1/Colour Name, Default/Text (for the single parameter)

β–ͺ️ Then, Setup Other brands, ex: Brand2/Primary-1/Colour Name, Brand2/Text (for the single parameter)

3. Select Page or Frame to apply theme.

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