Styler Figma Plugin

Styler is a plugin for Figma that generates styles based on selected layers.

Basically, you can control your styles by changing layer properties and updating the styles.

– Generate Styles:
— Create: creates styles, when there is no match between layer and existing styles.
— Rename: renames styles, when there is a style attached to the layer and no style with desired new name.
— Update: update styles, when there is a name match.
– Apply Styles: apply styles to the selected layers.
– Detach Styles: detach styles of the selected layers.
– Remove Styles: remove styles based on the selected layers.
– Remove By Type: Fill, Stroke, Text, Effect, Grid.

– It is much faster to use bulk rename feature of figma to rename layers Cmd R (Mac) or Ctrl R (Windows).
– Try to avoid same name for multiple layers. It will create a single style, but it will update its properties.

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