Style Organizer Figma Plugin

Display and organize all color styles in the page. Relink unlinked styles. Merge duplicated styles. Select all elements using a style. Generate color palette automatically.

Things to notice:

– “Link & Merge” function will automatically link all elements to the most used style in the Team library. If there is no Team styles found, all styles will be linked to the most used local style.
– Fills/strokes with image fills are ignored.
– Invisible nodes/ invisibile fill layers are ignored.
– The plugin will not automatically refresh when you modify the design. Please click “Refresh” manually after you modified the file.

Features to do in the next version:

– Text styles
– Create / change styles in batch

Things to fix in the next version:

– Team library that is not open in the current file will also be detected
– Fill/Stroke of instances will be overidden when linking them to a style
– Thumbnail of Angular & radial gradients cannot be displayed

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