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Square Brochure Mockup (PSD)

A wonderful way to connect with others is to offer knowledge. No matter how big or small the amount of information you give, it’s beneficial for others whether they realize it or not. And a great way to deliver this is by using a brochure with the details, the images, and the titles, and here’s the mockup that’ll allow you to do so.
This is the square brochure mockup provided by Mockups Design. It brings to the floor a PSD square brochure showcased in 5 different positions to give you more options: one that presents three brochures on top of each other for your front cover designs, and four that present an open brochure from varied angles so you can showcase your designs for the pages, as well as the back cover. Everything is customizable including the background so use it for folders, brochures, and even small books designs.

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