Select Layers Figma Plugin

Select layers based on name, type, or similarity.

— Select Layers by Name
Selects layers that partially or exactly match the given name.

— Select Layers by Type
Selects layers of a particular type: Component, Instance Layer, Frame, Group, Slice, Vector Layer, Rectangle, Line, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Boolean Group, Image, or Text Layer.

— Select Mask Layers / Hidden Layers / Locked Layers / Layers With Exports
Selects layers with the specified attribute.

— Select Parent Layers / Root Layers
Selects layers at the specified hierarchy.

— Select Similar Layers
Selects layers with one or more attributes that are identical to the one currently-selected layer.

With the exception of Select Similar Layers, all commands make a sub-selection within the currently-selected layers, or creates a new selection of layers if the selection is empty.

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