Proper Title Case Figma Plugin

Format headlines and titles into a proper title case. The rules are based on style guides from APA, The Chicago Manual of Style, and modern conventions. Established consistent capitalization in design mockups.

🤔 But What About Built-In Title Case Option?

Figma’s built-in Title Case option capitalizes the first letter of every word, which is incorrect as articles, conjunctions, short prepositions, and some other small words should not be capitalized.

🚫 Incorrect Capitalized Case:

From The Highest Heights To The Lowest Depths, In Photographs

‘Ford V Ferrari’ Finishes First At The Box Office
Proper title case:

✅ Correct Title Case:

From the Highest Heights to the Lowest Depths, in Photographs

‘Ford v Ferrari’ Finishes First at the Box Office

🧐 The Capitalization Rules

– By default, capitalize all words
– Always capitalize the first and last word in titles and subtitles
– Capitalize both parts of hyphenated words
– Lowercase articles: a, an, the
– Lowercase conjunctions: and, but, or, nor
– Lowercase short prepositions: as, at, by, for, in, of, on, per, to, via
– Lowercase versus: vs., vs, v., v
– Lowercase NYT words: en, if
– Let intentional capitalization stand

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