Project Management Tool UI Kit

AileAtlas is a comprehensive UI Kit designed specifically for project and task management, featuring over 60 top-notch screens.

The UI Kit is perfect for any kind of app project management and task management-related projects. It’s incredibly easy to customize to suit your needs.

The screens are versatile and can serve multiple product design purposes as they’re packed with various components like charts and data overviews.

Product highlights: 

⤳ Sign Up / Sign In

⤳ Dashboards 

⤳ Project details overview

⤳ Projects view – Board view

⤳ Projects view – Timeline view

⤳ Projects view – List view

⤳ Threads and communication system

⤳ Team members management

⤳ Files management

⤳ Integrations

⤳ Settings

⤳ Messaging system

⤳ Notifications 

⤳ Profile

⤳ FAQs

And a way more

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