Poster in Hand Mockup (PSD)

We start to develop our identity at an early age. As kids, we start with the food we like or dislike, or by the drawings we make and the colors we choose. And as we grow older, our interests become more complex and selective, like in our taste in movies and music. And one of the best ways to express these interests is to show them with posters, just like the ones you can make using this brand new mockup created by Alexandr Bognar.
The PSD file presents an A3 paper set between a pair of hands from a front view that can be easily edited. In addition to the lovely template, the file includes 4 craft paper textures that you can use, as well as video tutorials to help you in case you get stuck throughout the designing process. Not only can you use it for labels, but also for font, icons, and illustrations.

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