Old Movie 3D Text Effect Mockup (PSD)

Porky Pig bursting through a bass drum head (a combination of circles) at the ending of many Looney Tunes cartoons and repeating “That’s all, folks!” is a wonderful childhood memory for a lot of us, and because we enjoy nothing more than bringing you these joyful memories back, we present this old movie 3D title that’ll transform any text you type into a classic masterpiece. Black and white combined with elegant fonts to offer you eye-catching designs within a few seconds. You can easily edit the 3D effect via Adobe Photoshop to make it a personalized design that you can use for any type of posters (movies, events), album art, wallpaper, etc.
We’d like to dedicate a huge thank you to Hyperpix Studio for this very useful tool and for always providing resources that we can share with our marvelous users.