Multipaste Figma Plugin


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸Multipaste is a Figma plugin that allows for copy and pasting elements to many frames at once. No more pasting frame-by-frame! Use this plugin to boost your workflow.

Shortcut (for mac)

A simpler way to use plugins is by creating shortcuts. To create a shortcut, click on Figma at your system’s navbar, then ‘Services’, ‘Services Preferences’, ‘App shortcuts’ and add a new shortcut for Figma. If you wish to use Multipaste with a shortcut, here is my suggested path:

For copying

Menu title: Plugins->Multipaste->Copy (⌃⌘C)

For pasting

Menu title: Plugins->Multipaste->Paste (⌃⌘V)

If you wish, you can also create a shortcut for clearing plugin cache by following the same procedure. Just switch the command and choose a shortcut.

What can this plugin do?

  • Copying multiple nodes, either nested in frames or in the page itself, at once and then pasting all of them into multiple frames or groups at once;
  • If any of the copied nodes is a component, it will create an instance of it and paste the instance, not duplicate the component;
  • Nodes that were copied from another frame will maintain its position in the new frame;
  • Nodes that weren’t in a frame when copied will be placed in the center of the frames they get pasted into (same behaviour Figma already implements for copy/pasting).
  • NEW Multiple users may use the plugin within the same file without worrying about crossing plugin data.

What can’t this plugin do?

  • This plugin won’t work properly if you delete a copied node before pasting it first. It will still work for nodes that weren’t deleted though.
  • This plugin doesn’t access your system’s clipboard, so you may not use regular copy/pasting commands to make it work;
  • This plugin doesn’t allow pasting across different files.
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