Monday Hero Figma Plugin

Convert design to code in minutes! Export iOS code of designed UI, save time by removing repetitive manual work in the UI, and focus on the functionality/creativity more.

It’s free to start and try it out! Download the Monday Hero app, use the Monday Hero Plugin to import your designs, and start working on your developer-friendly code!

Our functions that developers & teams love:

*Creating native iOS components,

*Exporting the source-code, assets, fonts, colors, and UI for iOS via plugins and working independently,

*UI/Layout (Storyboard) support,

*Responsive UI/Layout to support all screen sizes,

*Exporting the design as a new project / into an existing project / only selected screens,

*Working in an all-in-one place with the team,

*Kotlin and Flutter support is on the way, coming soon!

… and many more.

Download here:

Read the docs:

For more information:

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