MINO – Education Icon Starter Pack


The MINO – Education Icon set (Starter Pack) is made of 20 icons in 2 styles (line, line-remixed) and it is a part of MINO icon set series. The premium version is on going and contains a set of more than 100 icons. Please looking forwoard to my future work 🙂

What?s Included?

Sketch, IconJar, Ai, SVG, PNG

Sketch ? original icon and you can basically edit everywhere

IconJar ? fully searchable

Ai ? all live stroke icons on individual 48px artboards

SVG ? 48px with expanded stroke

PNG ? 48px, 96px, 144px

What?s MINO icon set?

MINO is the name of my cafe that sells coffee and delicious steak & burger etc. I really enjoy spending time doing my design work while having a cup of wonderful drip coffee. So that?s the name! And I really welcome everyone who see this page coming to MINO and I can definitely buy you a nice coffee LOL.

Where is MINO?

XiXiuQu, HuangGuoShuDaJie,

DaRunFa Mall, MINO Restaurent & Cafe

AnShun, GuiZhou, China

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