Lazy Load Figma Plugin

Lazy load lets you generate skeleton loading screens in one click. Now you can save enough time while designing loading screens for developer handoff.

How to use the plugin?

Select your screen

Run the plugin

Thats it!!

🔥 Pro Tips

Want to ignore the background layers from being converted into skeleton?

=> Hide the layer or Reduce opacity to 0% (Shortcut: You can do this by simply pressing 0 twice)

Want to ignore inner button text, icon vector or any child elements of a group or frame?

=> Lock the parent group or frame containing these elements (Shortcut: You can do this by ⌘+SHIFT+L )

🤔 FAQs

Why are some of the elements in my screen not converted into loader elements?

=> By default the plugin is developed to ignore

  • Layers with 0% Opacity
  • Layers with Disabled Visibility
  • Masked Layers
  • Layers with height/width less than 0.01
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