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J4F Figma Plugin

4F (Jira for Figma) helps you to manage your Jira issues right from Figma. You can change issues status and attach related frames links to the issue in one click. No more jumping between tabs and copy-pasting links.

J4F is not affiliated with Jira or Figma, it’s developed by a third-party developer.

Before you start, please open “Settings” and fill required data.

The plugin requires an internet connection for work.

We are in beta now, we will be glad to get any feedback and feature requests right here in comments or by email to

We are using Mixpanel for analytics to make our product better. We store your Email, Jira URL, and Documents IDs to create customer profiles to understand different usage scenarios. We will not share or sell your data.

Pricing: While in Beta, J4F will be free, later we might change the pricing model

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