Instagram Slides & Posts Media Kit –


Develop your brand or business by leveling up your Instagram game with this Media Kit.

In this kit, you’ll be able to access 30+ screens to help start creating incredible content. Get real examples of posts to create beautiful, clean, and modern posts. These 30+ screens are here as a foundation to let your creativity flows and package in a mesmerizing way the knowledge that you want to share with your audience.

In addition to these 30+ screens, you will have access to templates to help you craft captivating stories through your posts.

Don’t wait anymore to start building your brand on Instagram, and use this kit to launch yourself.


  • 30+ Unique & Modern Screens
  • Extra Templates To Learn From
  • 2400×1920 & 1920×1920 Instagram Formats
  • Exclusive To Figma
  • Perfect To Build A Brand On Instagram
  • Dark & Light Screens
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