Instagram Design Mockup

Instagram?s algorithm changed a lot lately putting down accounts with low engagement and big numbers of followers to better promote makers and creators with higher post engagement. Less than 2 weeks ago I officially started an Instagram account for my design work, sharing my work in progress, best practices and some free design resources in order to build an audience of UI/UX enthusiasts. During that process, I?ve been wondering which content strategy I should use, how my content fits together into stories, highlights, carousels but also how my profile will look like. I needed to create a visual language that could work for future posts, templates, etc..


That?s why I?ve created an ? Instagram Design Generator.

In a few clicks, you can preview your Instagram profile, highlights, posts and bio in both light and dark mode!

? Create, edit and manage your next publications from Figma (free)

??? Export for all sizes, post, carousel, story all directly with customisable templates from Figma (free)

?? Just link with a GDrive, Dropbox or iCloud Drive for synchronisation with your phone for the perfect (free) workflow


Creators, marketers, designers, stop trying to imagine how your Instagram will look and make it a reality.

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