In Hand Apple Watch Mockup (PSD)

It is time to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary, to make your viewers realize that what can fit into the palm of their hand can also hold part of their world. And with the technological advances we’ve reached, the uses of watches became more and more diverse. So to keep you up to date with these developments, we bring you this Apple Watch Mockup shared by  Nauman Altaf.
The mockup presented from a perspective point of view holds a dark tone because of the black clothing items, and since the watch is also black, your graphics will instantly prove to be the main attraction especially if they include bright colors like white, yellow, and light blue. The PSD resource coming in 3376 × 3376 resolution at 300 DPI (8-bit color depth) can be customized via Adobe Photoshop so you can easily add your branding designs, ads, websites, etc.

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