imgcook Figma Plugin

imgcook for Figma

A intelligent tool that converts design to code.

imgcook is an ingenious chef who specializes in cooking with various images (Sketch / PSD / static images). it will intelligently generate front-end codes, including view codes, data-binding codes, component codes as well as part of business logic codes from different kinds of design documents.

Our Website:

How to use the imgcook plugin?

1. Make sure you are logged into your imgcook account.

2. In Figma, go to Plugins and pick imgcook. You should see a new export window.

3. Select any number of frames and hit Export. imgcook will open the “Export successfully, copied to clipboard!” prompt pop-up layer, and then click Go to Paste to restore.

Other functions

  • merge: Merge all the layers in the folder into one picture.
  • group: Circle some layers under a dom node.

4. imgcook will open the editor in a new browser tab. Paste and restore in the editor ctr+v and save as a module, and that’s it.

Community support

For general help using imgcook, please refer to the documentation. For additional help, you can use one of these channels to ask a question:

GitHub (Bug reports)

Medium (Get blogs and articles)

知乎专栏 (Get blogs and articles in Simplified Chinese)

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