IconCrab – Icon Exporter Figma Plugin

Export / Generate productions ready IconCrab from Figma in seconds.


  • Customizable sizes
  • Resize multiple icons with multiple sizes in Figma
  • Export all selected icons Folder according to their size
  • Export multiple file extensions

To use IconCrab

  1. Install and run the “IconCrab – Icon Exporter” plugin.
  2. Highlight frame(s) in your Figma project to preview your icon(s) on left side as slider.
  3. Choose sizes which you want to. You can customize your special sizes on the right side
  4. Choose file extension(s)
  5. If you want to export icons as a zip file check the file checkbox. If not, only can check Figma.
  6. Click the Export button


After you’ve tried exporting icons with IconCrab 3 times, you’ll be asked to enter your license key. Your license key will allow you or your team to export an unlimited amount of favicons using IconCrab.

To purchase a license for you or your team, please visit https://gum.co/iconcrab (Gumroad)

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