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HyperCrop Batch Image Resizer Figma Plugin

The insanely simple way to crop and resize images from Figma like a maverick.


Use instantly inside Figma; no extra websites, apps or APIs required.
Insanely simple batch cropping multiple images to multiple sizes.
High precision manual crop tool for individual image cropping.
Automatic content aware and face detection smart crop features.
Specify the anchor focal point per image (eg. “Bottom/Center”)
Includes quick size presets for social networks, platforms and devices.
Add your own custom crop sizes to the crop presets library, per Figma page.
Crop sizes, selections and options automatically saved in between uses.
Export to JPG/PNG with optional image compression for smaller file sizes.
Custom, dynamic filenames and subfolders (eg. “#{name}/#{width}x#{height}).

To use HyperCrop

Install HyperCrop and run the plugin inside your project.
Add all of the sizes that you want to crop your images to.
Select the exportable images you would like to crop/resize.
Optionally set any specific crop options per image.
Click the Batch Crop button (or Crop Manually).
Download and enjoy your cropped images!

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