Honest UX Design System

Honest UX is more than just another minimal UI Kit, it’s a Design System based on Dieter Ram’s 10 Principles for Good Design (and more), but avoiding copying Braun’s famous design elements as that would be just porting Braun’s design to a virtual environment.

But why “Honest”?

it’s because of the 6th Principle for Good Design, which says the design does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.

Okay, but still, how is this design “Honest”?

The idea behind this Design System is to merge Aesthetic design with Accesible design, resulting in a UX usable with one hand, without the need of basically shifting down the whole UI (like Samsung’s One UI or Apple’s Reachability mode). This DS achieves just that, a UX that doesn’t compromise productivity and density of shown information, but keeps the usability part as a key component to the core of the System. And that’s why it’s honest, it promises an Accesible and Aesthetic design, showing the presence of one doesn’t mean the lack of the other, and delivers just that. Honest.

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