Free T-Shirt Mockup (PSD)

Whenever you walk into a clothing shop, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds, of options since sellers try to provide a wide collection that suits everyone’s taste and makes them feel comfortable. But sometimes you can be set on one particular t-shirt not found in stores, so if you already have a design in mind, why not make it yourself, using this free mockup for a preview?
This is Fuji Grafiks’s new t-shirt mockup created in 4460 × 2975 pixels resolution. Fully customizable, it enables you to edit both the top and the background. It features a model wearing a t-shirt from a front angle, and since this apparel item can be worn as an everyday item for a casual attire or as a uniform for a comfortable work experience, you can use this mockup to showcase artwork, illustrations, and photos, as well as logotypes and typography art.

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