Free Suitcase Mockup (PSD)

Traveling is the best part of being alive! You get to experience new things, meet new people from different cultures, see how big and beautiful the world can be outside the bubble we live in, and last but not least make memories that will last a lifetime! Once you start traveling, you’ll never want to stop.
Today’s freebie is the most essential thing every traveler needs, a suitcase! We’re bringing you a PSD suitcase mockup by Mr Mockup. It’s perfect to present your logo design, custom patterns and textures, and badges/text. It’s an easy to use mockup, all you have to do is place your design inside the smart layers and you’re good to go, or to be more literal you’re good to travel. You can use it to customize your very own (or a client’s) suitcase, by adding your name or initials and decorating it with some funky colorful icons…

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