Free Round Coaster Mockup (PSD)

Coasters are an amazing creation. No one can deny that, and they come in all shapes and forms to provide a small yet important service. Paper, yarn, wood, whatever they’re made of, it’s good to have one around. And even if you don’t use them personally, you can still put them on your table and leave them to add a small touch to your room or shop. So because of their significance, today we’d like to provide this free round coaster mockup.
The package provided by Mockups Design includes 4 templates from different angles (1 stack, front view, 2 coasters) which offer a very clear presentation of your designs. They’re fully editable so you can change all the colors including those of the background, and easily customize the coasters themselves by adding your preferred fonts and logos. Feel free to add your own digital art, doodles, or even photographs.

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