Free Paint Packaging Mockup (PSD)

You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate how amazing paint is. It not only adds color to a certain surface, but it’s also part of the decoration process and adds life to any plain medium. Paint is also fun to work with; we all remember finger painting when we were kids. Today’s freebie is a paint packaging mockup by Graphic Pear. It’s a simple front view of 3 different (in size) paint cans that will allow you to present your packaging/branding design in a professional photorealistic way.

The mockup is fully editable in a Photoshop PSD format; you can change the can/background’s color, customize the handle, and the small label at the top. To add a more dramatic effect you can add some paint drops on the floor (or splashes in the background), or you can add some wet paint brushes with some paint dripping in front of the cans.

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