Free Outdoor Advertising Mockups (PSD)

We all notice those eye grabbing billboards while driving our cars. But outdoor advertising is much more than billboards along the highway. It’s called “outdoor” for a reason, because it includes all sorts of “out of home” adverting, like phone booths, business buildings, shopping centers, benches, buses, taxies and the list goes on. We notice them wherever we go; they’re part of our environment.
This free outdoor advertising mockup includes 12 city outdoor scenes. It’s the perfect mockup to display your creative advertising design and you can choose whatever format of city advertising you want. So you can choose billboard, city light poster, wall and replace it with your own design. It’s an editable PSD demo, so you can adjust the shadows/reflections according to your taste. This mockup will allow you to present your outdoor advertising design in a professional and realistic way. It’s great for awareness campaigns, movie ads, and any brand advertising.

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