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Free Olive Oil Tin Can Mockup (PSD)

Oils are part of our daily diet whether we intend to or not; some are considered healthy like olive oil and coconut oils, while others are not the best choice.
Today’s freebie is an olive oil PSD tin can mockup. It will allow you to present you packaging design in a photorealistic way. You can use it for whatever oil you want (vegetable oil, corn oil, sunflower oil…) and customize it as your own; you’ll be able to change the background and can’s color according to your taste or to the oil type, for example, yellow for sunflower oil, and easily add your graphics via smart objects.  It’s great for branding projects, packaging design, and product advertising.
Thanks to Graphic Pear for sharing this time saving olive oil tin can mockup. Check out their portfolio for more useful resources like this one.

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