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Free Olive Oil Mockup (PSD)

Here’s something you can’t find everywhere: an olive oil bottle mockup. For that extremely specific product design job you got, or if you just need to display your work on something impressive. You don’t find olive oil bottle templates or mockups around too often, so you might want to hold onto this one for a rainy day.
This rustic looking scene is a great way to open your product packaging project. It’s a very simple and straight-to-the-point mockup: a classic-looking olive oil bottle with your logo or design wrapped around it. The faintly lit and unsaturated blurry background complements the bottle well, too. There isn’t much to customize about this mockup which is partly why it works. Just select the smart object layer and paste your design for a unique product design or brand identity project. The mockup template comes in a 2200×3300 resolution PSD from a level-angle.

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