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Free Newspaper Mockup (PSD)

In the past few decades, a newspaper was just a set of paper sheets stuck together, containing lots of different information, advertisements and of course news. Newspapers were the primary or only way, for the public to receive news. But the journalism industry has been revolutionized nowadays because it’s now in competition with online resources, televisions, smart phones, tablets and even computers. People now receive most of their news instantly wherever they are in the world, and without even making an effort. But some people still prefer this sentimental connection, and would rather touch and feel the texture of a newspaper or magazine with their bare hands. This newspaper mockup will help present your design in a photorealistic way. It’s a classy display and includes close ups, you can even show how your design looks while your newspaper is being folded.

This mockup PSD works with any color, includes a changeable background, and is editable via smart object layers. Thanks to Pune Design for sharing this fantastic freebie.

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