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Free Minimal Floating US Letter Brochure Mockup (PSD)

There are dramatic moments/scenes in movies where time suddenly stops and everything freezes. The same thing became a popular trend a couple of years ago when people started doing the “mannequin challenge”, and it looks like those videos went viral and affected the world of paper.
Today’s freebie is a minimal floating US letter brochure mockup that will allow you to showcase your book design while it’s floating/freezing in the air like a mannequin. It’s available in a PSD format and will help present your inner brochure pages in a unique and stylish way. It works great for all your projects and you can also use it to display your book pages design (don’t have to limit it only to brochures). The mockup includes a help file which is perfect if you’re a newbie, and it’s completely editable via smart layers.
Thanks to Graphic Pear for sharing this time-saving US letter brochure mockup. Make sure to check out their website for more useful design resources like this one.

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