Free Magazine Mockup (PSD)

Our era is in the heart of technological advancement and digital dominance, yet magazines have been able to retain its golden face because they give joy and loads of information including its exclusive graphical presentation and use of awesome pictures. Magazines have a lot to give and are an excellent storehouse for ideas. The significance of magazine design is important to impress the reader and create a page turner. In today’s competitive world, the popularity of a magazine is measured by its design, graphics and the pictures used as well as the texture and typography. Magazines have always been aware of putting the optimal and mind-blowing graphics design. At present the internet is taking over and magazine layout design is extremely important to make a new magazine and keep up with their digital competitors.
This Magazine mockup will help designers showcase their design in a 3D ways from all angles. The PSD mockup is completely edible, you can adjust everything including the shadows and highlights and the opacity too. The mockup is amazing in such way that you can show more than one side of the magazine, it allows you to display the pages while being turned and while being folded.. which makes the mockup a more realistic representation for the product. Thanks to Taffy Toffy for always giving amazing design inspirations and resources.

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