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Free Kids T-Shirt Mockup (PSD)

We all know that most of our personality traits develop when we are children, and cultivating a child’s imagination and self-expression are key to healthy development, and what they wear may seem irrelevant, but does affect them greatly. This is why we’re more than excited to share with you this kid’s t-shirt mockup by Dribbble Graphics.
The PSD mockup comes in 3000 × 2533 pixels resolution in Winrar format, so your end results will offer great designs in high-quality. It displays a realistic looking t-shirt from a top view, so via Adobe Photoshop, you can easily insert your logos, icons, pictures, characters, etc. and thanks to the smart object layers, this task will be a piece of cake! Always remember to include loud and joyful colors to bring a smile to those who wear the t-shirt and to those who see it.

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