Free iPhone 12 Pro Isometric Mockup (PSD)

When the first iPhone hit the market with as much screen and little bezel as the world had yet seen, the world of smartphones was revolutionized. It happened again when the iPhone X came with the notched display, ushering in a new world where buttons and bezels were the true enemies. Every one of those steps brought UI designers new challenges and a much bigger canvas to work with.
iPhone 12 Pro continues in these steps, so you need a robust way to help you present your designs like this mockup from Lets See. The scene shows 2 iPhone 12 Pro devices facing back-to-back from an isometric viewpoint. It’s easy to use and versatile so you can make use of it in any UI presentation you have on hand. Simply select the smart object layer and paste your screens or designs. This mockup comes in a single 4000x3000px PSD file.