Free Hand Watch Mockup (PSD)

If Alice in Wonderland was set in our modern world, we’re pretty sure that the white rabbit would’ve switched his pocket watch and started running around repeating “I’m late” whilst clutching a stylish hand watch similar to the one showcased in this new PSD mockup provided by Alexandr Bognat.
What makes this detailed mockup a unique tool to have are all the available editing options. You can start off by editing the watch itself and change the colors of the bands, the leather ring, the clock handles, the metal, the thread, etc. Once that is taken care of, you can switch to the inner piece and insert your artwork that may include branding logos, words, quotes, images, and icons. And it gets even better thanks to your ability to edit the lights and the shadows as well. And to those who might feel intimated by this product, take a look at the video tutorials included in the download.

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