Free Front Book Cover Mockup (PSD)

The best books were written in the most peculiar of places: Kerouac wrote his masterpiece on the road, Angelou wrote in hotel rooms with empty walls, and Dame Sitwell wrote with one foot in the grave! Or in her case, coffin. But when it comes to covers, more thought and preparation are put into them in the hopes of reflecting these astonishing, and sometimes unsettling, writings.
This is Mr. Mockup’s front book cover mockup presented in PSD format. Set standing on a table, the book can be used for branding purposes, showcasing logotypes and slogans, instructions manuals, self-help books, the unlimited genres that come with fiction and non-fiction, and even magazines. Every new book needs a cover, and with plenty of work to do, you’ll find it comfortable to use a mockup that features smart objects so you can make your changes in a matter of seconds.

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