Free Frame Poster Mockup (PSD)

Marvel’s latest creation Avengers: Endgame is a three hours long movie that came out a few days ago. Although this part of the Avengers collection needed no introductions, the amount of publicity made in order to spread the word around was huge, and this, of course, included posters.
And because posters are always successful in that matter, we brought you this frame poster mockup from Mockup Designs. It showcases a poster set on a metal stand. Two shots present it from a front point of view with one being a close up for smaller details. The third one displays the poster from a ¾ point of view. All of them can be used for personal and commercial purposes making them suitable for posters for movies, announcements, events and occasions, new releases, etc. The editing doesn’t only include inserting your graphics, you can also change the color of the wall and the floor.

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