Free Floral Peonies Banner Mockup (PSD)

After watching Gossip Girl, every girl in the world became OBSESSED with Blair Waldorf’s peony bouquet. We all knew peonies were queen B’s favorite flowers, but seeing Chuck Bass holding that bouquet made them even more beautiful.
In honor of that iconic scene, we’re sharing a floral peonies banner PSD mockup by Customscene. The mockup includes some beautifully framed peonies that will make any poster/banner design stand out. It’s perfect for branding projects, cosmetics advertising, and web presentations. You can use it to present your floral perfume poster design or flower shop logo design. The mockup is completely editable; so you can customize the color of the background, flowers, and frame according to your taste. You can also use this mockup to showcase your peony makeup line banners, or display your wedding photos.

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