Free Envelope and Letter Mockup (PSD)

We’ve all come across scenes in movies where a piece of information is missing because a message or a letter was never delivered. How a life-altering situation never could have happened because someone forgot to use a stamp, or if they never mailed the letter in the first place. Imagine the horror of never coming across this new template from Graphic Pear!
This lovely and elegant mockup with its 4000 x 3000 pixels resolution (300 dpi) is the best for any letter designs, fonts, and logos. The white letter and envelope set on a bright surface in a perspective/ isometric shot are also a marvelous choice for any type of illustrations. Using the smart objects, you can easily insert your designs, customize them, and edit the effects. And we can never forget the importance of the help file included with the resource that provides instructions and tips for new and rusty designers.

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