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Free Cosmetics Bottle Mockup (PSD)

Cosmetic packaging is as important as the product itself! So whenever you buy your skin care lotion or cleanser, know that every single detail was carefully thought of and studied. Packaging design is so important that some people (mostly designers) buy a certain product just for their nice packaging. Today’s freebie will help present your packaging design in a stylish way. It’s a free cosmetic bottle mockup by Mockups Design. You could use it to display your shampoo/conditioner bottle design, body lotion packaging design, or any other cosmetic that comes in a bottle (hair oil, cleanser, moisturizer…).
This mockup is completely editable, you can change the cap/background color according to your taste; it’s available for both commercial and personal use, and it allows you to present your design from 2 different angles. A way to get creative is to place some cosmetics in the background like lipstick, makeup brushes, mascara, and eye shadow palettes; they will add a more realistic touch to your cosmetic bottle presentation and show your clients how they’ll actually look like in real life next to other products.

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