Free Coffee Cup Coaster Mockup (PSD)

We come at you yet again with another useful fact that you can randomly blurt put during conversations (a great icebreaker, really). Did you know that coasters were first used around 1760 for decanters and wine bottles? Well, this brings us to the resource of the day, this coffee cup coaster mockups provided by EyMockup.
The set includes templates with one square coaster set in top view for a clear presentation, as well as a stack set on a wooden background that makes your logos, icons, doodles, and sketches look photo-realistic. The PSD file with its 2000 x 2250 pixels resolution is layered through smart object insertion which allows you to relax through the editing process and focus on what really matters, the design itself. And feel free to change the color of the coasters to fit with your chosen font as well.

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