Free Clean Floating T-Shirt Mockup (PSD)

Hot weather calls for short sleeves to help us through the day, but that doesn’t mean that our sense of style should diminish in any way.
This is the clean t-shirt mockup shared by Boumkil Abdel. The floating t-shirt is designed as if it were worn by a person, so you will find yourself in awe as you take a closer look at the folds and the little details. The normal version that comes in 4000 x 2670 pixels resolution at 72 dpi showcases an easily editable t-shirt from a front point of view. The paid version, however, comes in 6016 x 4016 pixels resolution at 72 dpi with more customization options including replacing the tag and adding a man to the design of the mockup. The scene in which you set your designs is also crucial so don’t forget to edit the background as well.

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