Free Clay Apple Watch Mockup (PSD)

Apple watches are known to be some of the most prestigious smart watches out there. It’s not just because of its brand name, or to be honest, maybe it is because of the brand, either way, people all over the world want one.  Some are so obsessed with Apple products that they strive to get/collect almost every Apple device they could buy, from iPhones and iPads to MacBooks and Apple watches.
Today’s freebie is a clay apple watch mockup by Original Mockups. The mockup includes a high-resolution scene of 2 Apple watches floating in the air. You can use this mockup to showcase you UI/UX watch IOS design or your latest application design, on the watch’s screen. The mockup is editable; so you can change the color of any part of the watch (handle, glass, body), adjust the shadow/brightness, and add your design via smart objects. With the perfect color palette combination (between background and watch), you’ll definitely be able to amaze your clients.