Free Children’s Book Mockup (PSD)

A lot of people read, and our introduction to the literary world differ from one to another. For some like myself, the meeting was delayed and it started in adulthood. For others, it’s quite the opposite; the journey started early, and it carried on throughout the years. Maybe your first book was a gift from your parents or aunts or one that was just laying around the house.

Stories like Winnie the Pooh or Cinderella never stopped bringing happiness into our lives even to this day. And they might still be in our rooms, hidden under the bed or in a drawer without us noticing, but we still remember them every once in a while and they make us smile. So why not bring those gentle memories back again?
This is the children’s book mockup is provided by Mockups Design. It includes 6 PSD files that show the front and back of the book as well as the first two pages to show your beautiful artwork and designs.

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