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Free CD Jewel Case Mockup (PSD)

If you’re a 90’s kid, then you’ve probably gone through giving your school crush (or best friend) a customized mixtape (CD) with some cheesy drawings and comments written all over it in permanent marker. There’s just something about the combination of hand-made gifts and music that makes them so sentimental and unique.
In honor of the good old days, the days before iTunes and Spotify, we’re bringing you a set of free CD jewel case mockup created by Vectogravic. You can add it to your useful mockup collection and use it to display your CD cover design. It’s also perfect for digital portfolio presentations, stationery design, and branding projects; and you can also use it to showcase your very own custom album cover design for your favorite singer (Taylor Swift’s RED album for example). This CD jewel case mockup includes 3 PSD files and is easily customizable; all you have to do is add your design via smart object layers, save, and you’re done.

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