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Free C5 Envelope Mockup (PSD)

A pen pal or a pen friend is someone you befriend and get to know by exchanging letters, and they’re usually a person you’ve never met. And although this isn’t common nowadays given the usage of internet and social media, the peculiarity of the notion still lingers. And this is why today we present to you this free c5 envelope mockup from Mockups Design.
It’s prepared in six high-resolution PSD files that showcase an envelope, a paper head, and a card in different positions and from different angles. This allows you to present more than one design at a time and to choose the perfect angle that fits your needs. It’s extremely easy to use and to edit so inserting your graphics and changing the colors of all the elements will not be a dreadful task for you. A great tool for any stationary or branding project.

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