Free Black and White Photo Frame Mockups (PSD)

Life can’t always be seen in black and white, but sometimes picturing it in these colors helps us recognize what’s truly important. And when art in all of its forms is the latter, this mockup becomes essential.
Black and white, big and small, this 6000 x 6000 pixels resolution mockup (350 dpi) from PAW Mockups displays 2 frames in a single PSD scene that uses smart objects. So you can indulge in a fully black and white scene displaying black and white photographs that can be shared on your personal portfolio, or you can parallel the minimalist organic design of the mockup with winter themed artwork. Every household has a frame or two, so make your viewers feel not just engaged but nostalgic with a quote from Doris Day portrayed with elegant typography designs or share illustrations, watercolor designs, logotypes, etc.

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