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Free A7 Envelope Mockup (PSD)

Envelopes are fun! There’s just something dramatic about opening them because you never know what to expect, especially is it’s a beautifully designed non-business related envelope. They also imply secrecy and confidentiality.
Today’s freebie is an A7 envelope exterior layout mockup. It allows you to display your envelope design in a photorealistic and professional way. The PSD mockup includes 2 envelopes shown side by side, allowing you to present your design from both sides (front and back).  It’s completely editable; you can change the envelopes’ color, adjust the opacity and replace the background with whatever color/texture you want. This mockup is great for branding projects and stationery design.
Thanks to Original Mockups for sharing this time-saving A7 envelope exterior mockup. Make sure to check out their portfolio for more similar goodies.

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