Free 3D Metal Text Effect (PSD)

Nowadays, metal is used for everything from architecture and building designs to smaller-scale projects and even coining. And it’s always seen as a hard and solid material that’s challenging to work with. But with the right temperature and tools, metal can be forged into any shape you want. We might not know the exact process of metal forging, but we can still appreciate its polished and shiny texture, so when you want texts to have a harsh metallic tone with a detailed design every time, you can use this free text effect from Hyperpix.
It’s not just about the text, it’s about how you present it, and with this resource shared in PSD format, you’ll be able to present with ease logos for metal fabricators, bands and musicians, movies, comics, etc. Combine the theme of the project with that of its typed designs, and make the metallic effect give its best results with sans serif fonts and strong shapes.

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